Coconut - Brown Monkey Mask

by TY
SKU: 1957071


There is no monkeying around with Coconut the Beanie Boo Mask. Wear this mask and go bananas. Your friends will not know if it is you or a monkey hanging around. Take Coconut to school or wherever you need to go.

BIRTHDAY: July 27 POEM: Some say I'm a strange-looking monkey \nMy legs are short and my body is chunky!

    • Reusable - Washable

    • Two layer design

    • Outer layer 100% polyester

    • Inner layer 80% polyester/20% cotton blend

    • Flexible Nose Bridge for a Custom Fit

    • Adjustable Ear Loops for Comfort

    • Kids Face mask

    • Adult Face mask

    • One Size Fits All