GeoSafari Ant Factory with Sand

SKU: 5147
  • WATCH ANTS WORK: Set up and maintain your very own ant habitat, then watch as they tunnel in the sand, work, eat, sleep, and interact with each other
  • STEM LEARNING IN ACTION: Introduce young learners to basic ecology, biology, and entomology and promote an early love of science and nature
  • INCLUDES: Escape-proof ant habitat with large viewing area, magnification spots, and stand; special ant sand; feeding tool, activity guide, and certificate to receive live ants
  • ANTS SHIPPED SEPARATELY: Includes a certificate to obtain ants by mail (consumer pays small shipping & handling fee). You should receive your ants within two to three weeks from the time you mail your Ant Certificate (ants can not ship to Hawaii or Oregon). If the weather is extremely cold, there may be a delay in order to protect the ants.
  • THE PERFECT LEARNING ACTIVITY: This unplugged play experience is designed to keep kids engaged, entertained, and learning inside or outside of the classroom