Fun Little Toys - Hatching Dinosaur Eggs Toys Excavation Surprise

SKU: F-825

❥Egg-citing Collection- unique dinosaur eggs come sporting fun colors & tantalizing textures: baby blues, yellows, deep reds, and light greens delight the eyes while stimulating the mind.

❥Safe Material- Fun Little Toys provide safe, smooth & enjoyable dinosaur eggs for kids. Made entirely from a smooth rubber material, parents can rest easy knowing their kids are playing safely. Recommended for ages 3 & up.

❥Prehistoric Portrayals- These premium prehistoric product packs in dino eggs portray true-to-life dinosaurs discovered by real-life paleontologists over the centuries. The awe-inspiring Tyrannosaurus Rex, the short-legged Stegosaurus, and 6 more dynamite dinos occupy each of the smooth dinosaur eggs.

❥Dino Discovery- Hide these cute Jurassic classics all around the house and allow children to experience the joy of discovery with each dinosaur egg! There’s nothing more incredible than using the power of imagination during playtime.