Stuff-able Friends

Experience the excitement of our Stuff-able Friends activity center. Build your own customized stuff animal at very affordable prices. It’s as easy as selecting the skin of your new stuffed animal, adding the stuffing, making a wish and taking home your new friend! All Stuff-able Friends come complete with a birth certificate and carry home box.

When you visit the store you can help stuff your new friend with its fluff. When you’re done stuffing, make a wish on a yellow satin star and blow a breath of air onto the star to give your animal your personality. Then you place the star inside your animal before closing. Give your new friend his or her first bath in the store in our AirBath machine. Continue the experience by grooming your new friend with our comb, brush and tooth brush to make your animal beautiful. Finally, select the adorable outfit you want your animal to wear home.

If you’re designing your stuffed animal online, we will stuff and give an air bath for you, you just need to select your skin, outfit, and make a wish!