Shug's Bear Factory

Experience the excitement of Shug's Bear Factory activity center. Build your own customized stuffie at a very affordable price. It's as easy as selecting the skin of your new stuffie, adding the stuffing, making a wish, then over to the spa station for an air bath. All of Shug's stuffies come complete with a little take home box.  

When you visit the store you can help stuff your new stuffie with its fluff. When you're done stuffing, make a wish on a satin star and blow a breath of air onto the star to give your stuffie your personality. Then you place the star inside your stuffie before closing. Give your new stuffie his or her first spa treatment with our AirBath machine. Finally, select the adorable outfit you want your stuffie to wear home.

If you're designing your stuffie online, we will stuff and give an air bath for you. Just select your stuffie, outfit, and make a wish!