Play Area

    The play area inside Shug's Tiny Town provides children and their parents with an interactive experience. The town consists of five life-sized buildings - a market, boutique, diner, fire station and veterinary clinic. Each building is filled with play sets and accessories intended to spark your child's creativity as engage in role play.

  Shug's Tiny Town play center is ideal for children ages 1 - 8. The play center provides so much more than an opportunity for your child to simply play. There are a lot of educational opportunities in the play area, too. For example, you will find play money to spend and count back the change! Shug's Tiny Town provides a technology-free experience. You will not see a screen anywhere in the place! Shug's Tiny Town is committed to your child's safety. The tiny town is located inside a gated play area within the store. There are benches within the gated area for parents to sit and observe when not directly playing with their children. The play area is cleaned and sanitized throughout the day.

A day in the Shug's Tiny Town play center is a day unlike any other. One part children's museum, one part toy test lab, all parts fun and memorable!