About Us

Hi, I'm Shug (Brenda Derr), owner of Shug's Tiny Town. Shug's is a place for families to spend quality time together. In making a fun space for your families, I have found a way to honor my family in every corner of the store. My dad, Leroy Seager, called me Shug, short for Sugar. That is how the store got it's name. My mom, Ruby, was the inspiration for the Grandma Ruby's Diner building in the Shug's Tiny Town Play area. The onsite ice cream parlor is named after my daughter, Megan. As you can see, my family is important to me, and so is yours.

I've created a unique environment where there is fun to be had at any age. The "tiny town" we've created gives kids a place to take the focus off the screens and let their imaginations run wild. I believe some of the best life lessons are learned through play. It is so important for our kids to learn to use their creativity and imaginations.

Megan's Old-Fashioned Ice Cream Parlor gives you a place to sit and slow down the pace of life, just for a bit, in our throwback 50's style environment. Enjoy a delicious meal or a special treat of hand-scooped ice cream.

At Shug's our toy store is full of Melissa & Doug toys, Usborne books and many other items from great, quality toy brands. Many times we have a game or two set around the store for you to try out.

There's truly something for everyone at Shug's with surprises around every corner. Like my own first dollhouse, now set up as an "I Spy" game for all guests of Shug's Tiny Town to enjoy.

I hope that you will stop by. You will not be disappointed.